Team Sparkle Datalog

The ARKs in Team Sparkle were the kind of coworkers who would show up to every single neighborhood basketball game with snacks and cheer until it was over. These were the coworkers who were friends, but you could really tell they cared.

Team Sparkle was a popular unit for new and veteran ARKs who wanted to develop their out of field skills, recover from injuries, and socialize, often described by the Council as being like a coed fraternity or scouts club. Team Sparkle is especially known on Oracle for their business enterprises, such as the Sparkling Angel Maid Cafe, a night club, and bubble tea shop.

Its long term members who have gone on to become ace ARKs are known for being kind, helpful, and fashionable, yet rumors fly often that there is something sinister deep in the organizational ranks of Team Sparkle, that their various amenities are a front, and that its leader was the accessory to a murderous cover-up.

ARKs players who are a part of Team Sparkle have the choice of roleplaying within the surface level Sparkle, or becoming a member of the resistance group Sparkle. These ARKs, nicknamed by each other as the Peach Sparkle for their matching emblems and secret code of ordering a "Peach Sparkle" drink at bars, are the remnants of the past when the government of Oracle performed Operation Spark.

With the goal of training a uniquely powerful and servile unit of CASTs, a large number of citizens from across all of Oracle were forcibly involved in this project and made into CASTs against their will. The first leader of Sparkle was murdered, and its current leader was implicated but never charged in their death.

It is unknown how the current Team Sparkle is able to operate. Members of the Peach Sparkle resistance understand that their goal now is to undermine the governing bodies of Oracle responsible for the suffering they have caused.

Out of Character Information

This storyline text is entirely optional for roleplayers of Sparkle alliance. However, many events may use this plot, and members are welcome to seed their own stories with this lore.

Members of the Peach Sparkle resistance wear matching Soaring Sticker Emblems on their ingame outfits. If you are playing a character who is a member of the Peach Sparkle resistance, please contact an officer if you would like a courtesy sticker!

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